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Transit Media

O'ahu • Maui • Big Island (Hilo & Kona)


Transit Media made easy


We are continuously increasing our inventory to deliver the best advertising opportunities throughout Hawaii.


Located in the most high-profile areas and on major expressways & thoroughfares, our inventory is guaranteed to make an impact.


We deliver:


 Lowest cost per impression with high out-of-home visibility.  (Less than a penny per impression.)


 Your message will be seen traveling the busiest roads on Oahu. (Routes also available on Big Island and Maui)


 Each vehicle runs approx. 6-7 days a week, during peak hours and makes multiple round trip deliveries. 


 Your message will have HIGH VISIBILTY in a State that prohibits billboards.


HNL Airport.

Media In Motion's Airport Shuttles are located in the first position as interational travelers exit the airport, giving advertisers the chance to make the first impression on travelers as they arrive in Honolulu.


This Fleet impacts tourists, business travelers, commuters, and locals.  Making frequent stops at major Waikiki hotels they make a lasting impression as the first and last thing that travelers see upon arrival and departure.

Local & Visitor Exposure.

Our transit fleets are the largest form of available advertising roaming the streets of Hawaii.


This larger than life media stands out of the clutter in congested cities, stopping directly in front of major businesses, famous attractions and in the most sought after neighborhoods. 


Our Fleet Partners deliver to the top retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, hotels and supermarkets in Hawaii daily.


Hawaii has the 2nd worst traffic in the United States.

Use it to your advantage and be where the people are.


Available on:  O'ahu, Maui, Big Island (Hilo & Kona)

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